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Inside Israel News Report February 2017

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New Cave with Evidence of Dead Sea Scrolls Found

Fragments of shattered jars believed to have contained stolen Dead Sea scrolls, found in cave 12 near Qumran. (Casey L. Olson and Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew University)For the first time in 60 years, a new cave has been found near Qumran in the Dead Sea area containing evidence that scrolls were once here, but had been looted. This monumental discovery points to new clues that there are likely more caves to be discovered. In this twelfth cave, the researchers found a jar with a fragment inside. It was rushed to Hebrew University to be examined. The scroll did not contain any writing on it, but was being prepared for writing. This initial discovery led to looking deeper inside the cave. There were found fragments of pottery jars, wrappings for scrolls, and other antiquities. In 1946-47, intact scrolls were found in these Qumran caves in the desert with preserved scrolls of the Scriptures, notably an entire scroll of the Book of Isaiah.


Please pray for further discoveries, leading to the authentication of the Scriptures.

Sea of Galilee Water Levels Rising

Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)Mendy Hechtman/ Flash90This past winter has seen adequate rainfall contributing to the Sea of Galilee water levels rising at a rate of half a centimeter per day. Currently it is 455 cm below the upper red line (at which level the Sea of Galilee is “full”). It has not been full in many years. Currently it is 35 cm below the lower red line, which means it is not in a danger zone. When it gets too low, salt water seeps in and changes the chemistry of the fresh waters, damaging fish and plant life around. More rainy weather is on the way and when the snow melts on Mount Hermon, its runoff will help raise the sea.


Praise God for rain!

Rockets Fired on Israel’s South

Shell following interception lands in a hotel swimming poolRecently, rockets were fired from the Sinai Peninsula toward Israel's southern city of Eilat. The Iron Dome intercepted three rockets and one rocket landed in an open area. Sirens went off late at night, causing people to wake up and go to their safe rooms. No one was hurt. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Twenty-five thousand Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai are combatting between 800-1,000 ISIS fighters. The Egyptian army is also finding and destroying tunnels built by Hamas and ISIS.


Please pray for protection for Israel's civilians and the Israeli Defense Forces as its southern and northern borders are open to attack from Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS.

Special Chinese New Year Event at the Tel Aviv Ministry Center

Recently, a unique event took place at the new Tel Aviv Ministry Center – a Chinese New Year celebration! Believing sisters from Hong Kong brought games, music, Chinese snacks and tea, and taught calligraphy and watercolor painting. Among the invited guests were Israelis who had traveled to Hong Kong. It was a creative way to meet people and through natural conversation, share about our faith and testimony.


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