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New Freedom Found at Passover

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It was a wonderful season of ministry around the country. In all our Seders and presentations in churches, we had several unsaved Jewish people, and it's fantastic that they got a chance to hear the Gospel in a culturally familiar context. We pray for lasting fruit from our efforts as the Holy Spirit waters the seed.

Melbourne had a great Seder with 420 people at St Kilda Town Hall. Louise Hirsch invited a Jewish neighbour who has come for the past 4 years, and even though she doesn't believe in Yeshua as the Messiah, yet, she enjoys our Messianic Seder immensely. During the time of worship she felt warm inside, and wondered what it was. Louise told her about the Ruach Hakodesh, the Holy Spirit.

In Sydney, almost 200 people enjoyed the evening at Northridge Vineyard led by Paul Cohen, with several unbelievers present. And in Canberra, 124 people celebrated, 11 of them Jewish Israeli non-believers. Leader Robert Miles said he had much positive feedback.

Celebrate Messiah outreach worker Barry Buirski travelled thousands of kilometres around country Victoria to share about Messiah in the Passover and conduct Passover Banquets.

"It results in a blessing not just for me but also for those who hear, and for the Jewish community worldwide including Israel at a time such as this."

May 2018


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