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"I have often wanted someone to come and share on the Passover and the Jewish Feasts. But to be honest was a little worried that the presentation would be too stodgy and would only hold the interest of those who are fascinated with the subject as opposed to the average Christian who is interested, but needs their attention grabbed. Lawrence did a brilliant job in presenting Jewish Spirituality and his journey to faith using humour and illustrations. The queues at the CD and book tables were a testimony that he left everyone wanting more."

- Pastor Phil Baker, Riverview Church (Perth, Western Australia)

"We were privileged to have Lawrence minister to our congregation during our Good Friday service this year... Lawrence's presentation was excellent, fascinating and relevant to all who attended. We were overwhelmed by the response of our congregation and many videos of this service were purchased."

- Pastor Mark Conner, City Life Church (Waverley, Victoria)


Through Celebrate Messiah's church presentations, several things are accomplished. Church members are:

  • Edified and encouraged in their faith.
  • Equipped to share the Good News with their Jewish friends.
  • Provided with an avenue to invite a Jewish friend to come hear for themselves a Jewish person who believes Jesus is the Messiah.
  • Given a way to stay connected to what's going on in Jewish ministry by receiving an opportunity to sign up for our monthly newsletter.
  • Informed how to better pray for us as we bring the Gospel "to the Jew first and also to the Gentile."
  • Presented with opportunities for short-term ministry with Chosen People.
  • Offered resources for their further study of how to share Messiah with Jewish people.

Contact our Church Ministries Department to find out how Celebrate Messiah can serve your church!

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