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Jewish sages say, "Who is the wise person? One who learns from every person". This may well have been the inspiration for Malka who overheard Barry speaking with a Filipino Christian couple in a local burger restaurant about their respective ministry work with Jewish people. From the next table, Malka turned to Barry and said, "Did you know that during the Second World War the President of the Philippines saved 1200 Jewish people from extermination?" Malka shared that she was a Polish Jewish woman aged 82, and had been a tour guide in the Auschwitz and Treblinka extermination camps. She spoke of her family: two sons who are both lawyers, and that she was not religious. She admired the Filipino couple who clearly had a love and respect for Israel and the Jewish people. They spoke to her about how their faith in the Jewish Messiah changed their hearts and gave them new hope. She then turned to Barry and asked how he fitted into to all of this. He said he was a Jewish believer in Jesus, and that she would be welcome to come to a service at Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation. She replied "I know who you are", and that her friend for many years had been trying to get her to come. Finally Malka said: "Because I have met you, I will come." Please pray for Malka.


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