Sydney Celebrate Messiah staff member Eve* specially ordered the favourite flowers for a Jewish friend Lena* in hospital. But on visiting she was told the friend was not allowed to have visitors or flowers in that particular ward. As Eve left the hospital feeling very disappointed and wondering what to do with the flowers, they were approached by a family asking directions and commenting on the beautiful flowers: it was their mother's favourite variety. Eve offered them the bunch of flowers to bring to their mother, and they gratefully accepted.

A few days later, Eve received a phone call from Lena. She shared how when she had been moved to a new room, a patient in the same room had her favourite flowers and offered to share them, and also shared how Yeshua had unexpectedly provided her family to bring to her favourite flowers. The two patients had several conversations about the Messiah before both they were discharged. Eve has continued to discuss Yeshua with Lena.