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Weekly fellowships at our Berlin congregation are "on a roll!" Three months ago our German leader, Vladimir Pikman, encouraged the congregation to begin meeting in weekly fellowship groups, and already there are more than 20 such communities. These small communities include two women's fellowships (one in German and one in Russian), two youth fellowships, two prayer fellowships, five Bible fellowships, two evangelistic fellowships, fellowships for women with little
children, an Israeli fellowship, and a fellowship at a Jewish retirement home. There is even a Persian Messianic community that is beginning to grow. Praise the Lord! Do you know a Jewish person who is interested in Jesus? Invite them to watch the testimonies found on our website:


The enormously successful visit by Dr Michael Brown to Australia promises to bear long lasting fruit. His visit to the Beit HaMashiach congregation, and the Celebrate Messiah conference and outreach events, had a significant impact on our community as well as on the wider body of believers. But what of the impact on Jewish not-yet believers? Well, we had a bumper crowd at the congregational service, with several new, Jewish visitors. Dr Brown challenged
Jewish people with scriptures that pointed to patriarchs Moses (Exodus 33) and Abraham (Gen 18) having discussions with God who appeared as a person. The point being that God incarnate is a Jewish concept and was not introduced by Christianity.

And at the Saturday night outreach, Dr Brown spoke of the Jewish idea that after the destruction of the Temple, the death of the righteous serves as an atonement for the sins of other men. There are many references to this concept in ancient Jewish writings. This presentation and the Q&A that followed was live streamed to Facebook, and it has received almost 5000 views.

Check it out on the Celebrate Messiah Facebook page.

Our Russian ministry leader Rita was at the nail salon and struck up a conversation with the elderly lady in the next chair. The lady, who shared the same Hebrew name as Rita, Rivkah, was not only a Holocaust survivor but also experienced the horrors of being on the famous Exodus 1947 ship, which carried thousands of Jewish ‘illegal immigrants’ from Europe to then Palestine, only to be cruelly deported by the British back to Germany. As the ladies shared, Rivkah said how she’d been feeling low in energy. Rita told her that belief in Messiah Yeshua was the way to peace and wellbeing. Miraculously, she agreed to being prayed for in Yeshua's name, and the next day contacted Rita to say how much better she felt.

Great opportunities for our partnering outreach workers in Israel to meet and share with young people through coffee house music nights. There’s a regular crowd, and staff have also been excited about getting to know some of the musicians, sharing the Gospel and seeing them when they come back with questions or comments on how interesting it is to think about spiritual things. Some say, “It could be that Jesus is the Messiah.” One of the young musicians, Dov*, is from a very secular Jewish home and didn’t learn much about the scriptures. As a teen, he decided there must be something more to why we’re here, and now he’s asking lots of good questions. Recently Dov was introduced to Israeli musicians who believe in Jesus. Please pray for Dov to come to know Jesus in a personal way.

*Names changed for privacy


Young Israeli backpacker Aviad was staying with some believers who brought him along to the Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Melbourne. At the end of the service, Jay asked those who had not given their lives to Yeshua and wanted to know more about Him to come forward. Aviad went up hungry to find out who the true God was, and expressed a longing to know God personally. He grew up in an Ultra-orthodox home and in his teens became secular, causing a rift with his parents. While in the army some of his friends were killed, and he wanted to know why he survived and the others didn't. Jay shared the Gospel with him and showed him that Yeshua is the way to God through the Tanach (Old Testament). Please pray for Aviad that as he returns to Israel, that he will meet Messianic believers who’ll be able to disciple him, and he’ll encounter his Messiah Yeshua.


We have a great opportunity here in Australia to have “Israel” in our own homes. Every year, hundreds of young Israelis travellers (aka backpackers) tour around our beautiful country and would love to stay in your home for a night or two. There are two networks that help link Israelis with Christian or messianic hosts, HIT (Hosting Israeli Tourists) and Chiburim (Connections). Our family have had the privilege of hosting a dozen or so Israelis this year so far and we have had some wonderful times to just love on these young Israelis, share some great meals together and often we get to share our faith in Yeshua our Messiah and invite them to Beit HaMashiach, our messianic congregation in Caulfield.

We’ve had some great interactions and here is a sampling of some of the comments our Israeli guests have written:

“You made me feel, despite being on the other side of the world, like I’m right at home – a feeling of love and comfort I’ve never experienced in all my travels”

“Thank you for everything – for your motherly, fatherly and brotherly care, for your passion, for your wisdom, for your friendship, for your time and dedication, and… for washing my socks!”

“My gratitude goes beyond the ‘obvious’ of a comfortable bed, warm showers and meals. I thank you for doing more than expected. You treated me as a part of the family, with warm welcoming, great tips, eye to eye conversations and so much more.”

“It has been a very special time for us. We learned from you a lot about family, love and community.”

Thank you for the warm welcome, the amazing dinners, the music, the prayers, and especially the smile. We can’t wait to show you some of our favourite places in Israel.”

“We will never forget these amazing days and especially Pesach (Passover)… it was an amazing experience and I’m so grateful that I could experience this with you. It was such a happy and beautiful evening with amazing food, music and stories.

Louise and I highly recommend that you consider opening up your home to Israeli backpackers and show them true Christian love and hospitality.

For more information, please call our office on 03 9 563 5544. - Lawrence Hirsch


Melbourne's Dom Missi'ee (House of the Messiah) Russian speaking congregation has seen the Lord move in a mighty way over the past few months. The congregation is made up of mostly elderly Russian Jewish men and women, many of whom survived the Holocaust. Many of them have said that in the former USSR they didn't know God but since coming to Dom Missi'ee, they have experienced an intimate relationship with Him. At a meeting last month, most of the people prayed for Yeshua to come back saying, "Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord". Rita Ivenskis, who has been leading this ministry for many years says that people are now wanting to have a personal relationship with Yeshua, and they understand that they are all part of God's family. Rita says that she is seeing God do many miracles amongst these beautiful Russian-speaking Jews.

*Names have been changed for privacy


A new lodge in New Zealand for Israeli backpackers is already wildly popular among travelers in its first summer season. Celebrate Messiah New Zealand's Zula Lodge, in the resort town of Wanaka, is packed every night, and the born again Israeli hosts are faithfully sowing Gospel seeds every day. It's estimated that between Zula and the camp ground at Oamaru, several thousand young Israelis will have received a personal witness of the good news of Yeshua during this season alone. But, the popularity of the Zula has triggered opposition. An ultra-orthodox Jewish organization has hurriedly established a facility only a few minutes away in an effort to "save Jewish souls from the missionaries." However, their efforts have generated very little interest among local Israelis, while interest in the Zula continues to mount daily.

Please pray for the staff there who are experiencing significant spiritual warfare.


In Israel, Jewish seekers keep coming to Chosen People Ministries' events. Recently, Robynne, a staff member in Tel Aviv, met Haim*, who showed up for a Bible study. He is not yet a believer but has very consciously begun a journey to find his spiritual side. He said he was amazed that right in the heart of a most secular city, a city that usually isn't spiritual at all, he found a group of people thinking and dialoguing about God and how to have a relationship with Him. He enjoyed the openness of the discussion and said he will return. Pray that Haim comes to know Jesus in a very real way. While people like Haim are searching, others have found their Messiah. Our Israel director, Michael Z., reports that seven people were baptized this year

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