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New Members Class in London Messianic Congregation

Daniel Nessim, who has labored patiently to plant a Messianic congregation in the Jewish section of London known as Golders Green, is pleased to begin his first set of New Member classes. He reports, "It is an exciting step, and people clapped when the announcement was made at our last meeting. We will soon be appointing our first leadership team. This is part of our goal, to help this Chosen People Ministries' congregation onto its own two feet and to empower every member to play their part in the body. We also will be able to renew our ministry's lease in Golders Green for another year or two. By working and living in the Jewish world we have good opportunities to talk to Jewish people on a regular basis, and we want to keep that up."

Messianic Ministry Expanding in Russia and Ukraine

Boris Goldin, based in Florida, is a Russian believer who sometimes returns to his country of birth as a missionary. Partly through his efforts, Chosen People Ministries is expanding in four new cities: Sevastopol and Rostov in Russia, and Kherson and Mariupol in Ukraine. There, we are seeing the formation of new Messianic congregations or small groups that want to work with us. Please pray for strong and healthy contacts with those new affiliates of the ministry. Also, through the support of ministry partner donations, Chosen People Ministries has been able to send financial resources to buy medicine and food for elderly Ukrainian Jewish people who have been unable to relocate during these difficult times.

Witnessing to Israelis with a Korean Accent

Did you know that Korean Christians have an especially warm heart for Jewish people and for Israel? Veteran staff member Doug P. now has the joy of training a group of Korean Christians about how to share the Gospel with Israelis! The group will be all ages...children, high school, college and adults. They are going to Israel in August for 10 days for the express purpose of sharing the Gospel. Doug is teaching them, especially the children, to sing Israel's national anthem. For training the adults, he is using the first two chapters of his book, How to Share Jesus in a Jewish Way, which has already been translated into Korean.

Wife of Israeli Believer Follows Husband in Faith

Maxim Katz, whose gift of reaching Holocaust survivors in Israel is truly blessed, reports that the wife of a survivor who came to faith not long ago has now taken the same step. Uncertain for some time as to where she stood, her prayer was that she might have the faith that her husband does. The Lord has answered her prayer! Maxim writes, "She attends the congregation with her husband and we are awaiting warmer weather to perform her baptism."


An Israeli wrote to our staff about their “spiritual birthday” following their decision to believe in Yeshua. “I am happy that I have been baptised on Easter Sunday. After so many years of searching and spiritual work, it is all coming together for me with the acceptance of Yeshua, not just as Messiah and Lamb but as the enabler of the connection to God. Well, words might not be the best media to describe this, yet the question ‘why do we need Jesus to get to God’ is now resolved for me and I find it so incredible.... How amazing, mysterious and uncompromising is God’s transformation of us humans...”. Please continue to pray for “HN”


Celebrate Messiah outreach worker Jay was invited to be the travelling “Rabbi” on a cruise over Passover. He was able to bring his wife and children all expenses paid which was an incredible blessing. During a Seder for the Jewish travellers on board, Jay shared his faith and the deeper revelation of Yeshua hidden in the meal. Most were very open to listening. Relationships grew from that night, and Jay got to share about Yeshua with one of the Jewish travellers in more depth, and throughout the week in conversation with many who came to the Seder. One beautiful elderly couple in their nineties had many questions about Yeshua and God.

The next Friday night Jay held an erev Shabbat service and almost everybody from the Seder turned up. Jay finished up with a drash (brief sermon) from the Torah portion which included a challenge to approach God not through our own means or ways, but through the way He provided. Then he read Isaiah 53 and discussions broke out. Praise God for this amazing ministry opportunity. Several of the Jewish couples shared their contact details and said they’d visit the Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation when in Melbourne.


A Messiah in the Passover Seder in a very small western Sydney church was a great evening and a wonderful example of how Celebrate Messiah partners with churches to assist their outreach to their local community. Many ethnic groups of all ages came, including a Filipino musician the church only met on street outreach the day before. So, he was invited to come and lead the singing; the only songs he knew: Amazing Grace and Hava Nagila. The world mix included Indigenous Australians, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Finnish, German, Swedish, refugees from Afghanistan and even an Israeli backpacker. Some had limited understanding of English, but all came away with a deeper understanding of Yeshua, God’s solution for our salvation. Please pray for the Israeli backpacker as he travels in Australia.


The Beit Sar Shalom team also ran a children’s camp for 50 young people. The main theme was Becoming the Nation of God. Since Passover was the birth of the Jewish nation, it was a great opportunity to share with the children what it meant to be the Nation of God. Firstly escaping from Egypt, then being merciful to people who come from other cultures, to the nation of Israel. Further teaching was on the obstacles that prevent us from becoming more God-like. And finally, saying the only chance to be close to God is through Yeshua the Messiah.


Maxim K reports from Israel about a special Passover celebration in Sderot, just a few kilometres from the Gaza border. Celebrate Messiah’s partner ministry in Israel Beit Sar Shalom had the privilege of organising a Passover Seder banquet for more than 50 Holocaust survivors in Sderot. The main point was to share about Yeshua, who was the promised Passover lamb. Working with these people now for a long time, there’s a perceptible change in the way they accept the information. Everyone left with a full heart, and stomach. The sad point, however, is that they’re getting older and weaker at each meeting. Please pray that God would open their hearts to recognise Yeshua as Messiah, and to receive the message of salvation.

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