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Jay took his 7-year-old daughter to a friend's birthday party and got chatting with a couple who'd also brought their daughter along. After a brief conversation they asked Jay what he did and he shared that he was part of the leadership of local Messianic Community. The wife of the couple told him about her friend at work who kept on sharing about Yeshua. He was an amazing man who shone with love and gave her lots of material about Yeshua. Then she made the most amazing statement: "I have started believing that Jesus is the Messiah". This was quickly followed by: "How can I learn more about Jesus?" After being so surprised by these statements, Jay shared with her about the Brit Hadashah, the New Testament. She was excited to learn more.


Sydney Celebrate Messiah staff member Eve* specially ordered the favourite flowers for a Jewish friend Lena* in hospital. But on visiting she was told the friend was not allowed to have visitors or flowers in that particular ward. As Eve left the hospital feeling very disappointed and wondering what to do with the flowers, they were approached by a family asking directions and commenting on the beautiful flowers: it was their mother's favourite variety. Eve offered them the bunch of flowers to bring to their mother, and they gratefully accepted.

A few days later, Eve received a phone call from Lena. She shared how when she had been moved to a new room, a patient in the same room had her favourite flowers and offered to share them, and also shared how Yeshua had unexpectedly provided her family to bring to her favourite flowers. The two patients had several conversations about the Messiah before both they were discharged. Eve has continued to discuss Yeshua with Lena.


Very exciting things are happening in Tel Aviv. Staff member Jason reports, "During our renovation period, we had a lot of deliveries and technicians. They always asked about the purpose of the facility." One young man, David,* was very interested when Jason explained our team are Jewish people that believe that the Messiah has already come. David didn't want to take Isaiah 53 Explained, but he promised to read Isaiah 53 in the Bible. Around the same time, a delivery of new copies of Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew and Russian arrived. One of the delivery men, Moses,* wanted to know what the book was about, so Jason explained it to him and he asked for a copy. Most Israelis think that believing in Yeshua (Jesus) is a new fad. So Jason has been approaching conversations like these from a historical perspective and it has been very effective. Jason and the Tel Aviv staff look forward to the future ministry that this centre holds.


Staff member Robin met Ran* backpacking in New Zealand. They talked for a long time about the difference between religion and knowing God personally and believing the Bible. Robin encouraged him to read the prophecies and to read the Gospels and see what Jesus said about Himself. The next day, Ran pulled Robin aside and said, "I want to talk to you." Ran shared that he was thinking about their previous conversation. In the army he sometimes read his Bible and found wisdom there, but saw it as moral fables. Robin talked about historic truth and God's faithfulness to Israel, and prophecies foretold then fulfilled. He decided it was time to read a Gospel to explore if there was more to the Hebrew Scriptures and this book (the New Testament) than moral lessons. Pray that Ran will open his heart to the Messiah.


A young Jewish believer held his art exhibition in a Melbourne gallery. On the evening of the opening of the exhibition he spoke of what motivated and inspired his art. There were unsaved Jewish people in the crowd. In the middle of his speech, he spoke of his relationship and love for Yeshua his Messiah. Looking at the faces of people present, his mentor Baruch, could see they desired to know more. Throughout the evening, Baruch and his wife found themselves speaking to people, both Jews and non-Jews, about their faith in Yeshua. God's timing is always perfect at any place He chooses.


A series of unfortunate events led to Jean*, a lovely Jewish lady, breaking her leg while helping set up for a garage sale. Lawrence and Louise went to visit Jean in hospital on the eve of the Festival of Purim, taking with them one of Celebrate Messiah's Tikkun Olam Purim parcels. Since it is Scriptural and traditional to give gifts at Purim (Esther 9:22), Jean was excited and very grateful to receive a parcel packed with traditional food items. After a very pleasant visit and conversation and just before Lawrence and Louise were going to leave, Jean asked; "please tell me how you both became believers in Yeshua." That led to another 30-minute conversation all about Yeshua being the Jewish Messiah and how Lawrence and Louise both came to faith in Yeshua on the very same night in different parts of the world. Jean exclaimed: "Wow that is so interesting, I would love to come to your congregation some time. I am very interested." Praise the Lord for this opportunity to share the Gospel with Jean. Please pray for the seed that has been planted to be watered by the Holy Spirit, and that her leg is healed speedily.


Chosen People Ministries president Dr Mitch Glaser travels often, and on a recent trip he had an encounter on a plane to London. During the flight, he met an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who was originally from the New York area and they had a great conversation about Jewish life, their families, politics and even sports. Finally, as it often happens, the gentleman asked Mitch what he did for a living.

Upon hearing that Mitch was the president of a Messianic ministry, the gentleman said that he knew of a congregation in the Golder's Green section of London a very Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Over the next half-hour, they spoke about why Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. Praise God with us for allowing Mitch to speak with such an open-hearted religious Jewish man about Jesus.


When Yael visited a small church in a tiny country town in a remote part of southern Australia to present on the Messiah in the Passover, she didn't expect to find any Jewish people in attendance. But miracle of miracles, on the Friday night two Jewish men attended one a believer and the other not yet. They had never met each other before. A God appointment if ever there was one!


New outreach worker Moishe has a fellow Jewish close friend David* who identifies as an agnostic. Since working in ministry, Moishe and David have had many conversations about issues of faith and God, and Moishe has been able to explain what Messianic Jews believe. David recently accepted an invitation to a Shabbat service at Beit HaMashiach, and was very impressed, especially by the outpouring of love for the Jewish people and Israel. This impression has resulted in David speaking about Celebrate Messiah's ministry positively among other Jewish people within their friendship group. Please pray that David will come to know Yeshua in a personal, heartfelt way.

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