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The enormously successful visit by Dr Michael Brown to Australia promises to bear long lasting fruit. His visit to the Beit HaMashiach congregation, and the Celebrate Messiah conference and outreach events, had a significant impact on our community as well as on the wider body of believers. But what of the impact on Jewish not-yet believers? Well, we had a bumper crowd at the congregational service, with several new, Jewish visitors. Dr Brown challenged
Jewish people with scriptures that pointed to patriarchs Moses (Exodus 33) and Abraham (Gen 18) having discussions with God who appeared as a person. The point being that God incarnate is a Jewish concept and was not introduced by Christianity.

And at the Saturday night outreach, Dr Brown spoke of the Jewish idea that after the destruction of the Temple, the death of the righteous serves as an atonement for the sins of other men. There are many references to this concept in ancient Jewish writings. This presentation and the Q&A that followed was live streamed to Facebook, and it has received almost 5000 views.

Check it out on the Celebrate Messiah Facebook page.


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