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Denis Karp: Testimony PDF Print E-mail

KarpWhen Dennis Karp accepted an invitation to attend a presentation on a feast he had celebrated all of his life, he never anticipated that he would be forever changed by the experience! Like many Jewish people from observant families, Dennis grew up attending synagogue and summer camp regularly. As he grew older, he was increasingly saddened by the shallowness he perceived, and by the time he went to university, he wanted nothing to do with the religion of his childhood. Instead, he studied philosophy, experimented with yoga and transcendental meditation, and partied. Not finding what he was seeking in any of those, he gave up his search and resigned himself to the pursuit of a nice family and lots of money.

One day, a friend invited him to church to hear a Jewish man talk about Jesus in the Passover. He accepted the invitation with the goal of proving him wrong. The Sunday morning arrived, and he was shocked to hear things about this important feast that he had never heard before. This disturbed him, and, intent on using his arguing skills to dispel the notion that Jesus could be the Messiah, he began meeting with the speaker. Using the Hebrew Scriptures, the speaker addressed every one of Dennis' questions on topics ranging from the virgin birth to the necessity of blood for the remission of sin. At their last meeting, Dennis sought to challenge him by asking why there is so much chaos in the world if we are in the "Messianic Age." The speaker directed him to Daniel 9, which refuted the last of his objections.

The following Saturday while singing Hatikvah in synagogue, he came to the realization that Jesus was, in fact, not just a national Messiah, but his personal Messiah. Since then, he has devoted his life to the ministry and served within Chosen People Ministries in a variety of capacities, both in the United States and in Israel. He currently works as the director of the mid-Atlantic region of Chosen People Ministries, leads Son of David Congregation in Maryland, and oversees the outreach in the Washington, D.C. area. Dennis was the special guest speaker at our Simcha conference in Australia in 2015.

​The Messiah in the Passover presentation will enrich your faith and serve as an evangelistic tool in reaching your Jewish friends. To schedule a presentation at your church, call 03 9563 5544 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ​​

Coming Home to my Jewish Messiah – by Netty Tepe PDF Print E-mail

I was born in Amsterdam into a loving Jewish family. When Hitler's armies marched into the Netherlands our lives changed forever. We were secretly moved from one house to the next until, on May 31 1944, my parents were taken by the Nazis into concentration camps. My mother later died in Auschwitz but somehow my father managed to escape from the "Eisenbahnkommando" concentration camp near Landshut in Germany.


All Shook Up PDF Print E-mail

Lawrence 2

When my brother Alan began to share his faith with me, at first I was very skeptical about his experience with God, and found his explanations very uncomfortable and peculiar for me as a Jewish person. However, Alan began to pray for me and gave me a Bible to read. I thought I would do the good Jewish thing and start at the beginning in Genesis. However, I found it quite boring especially when I came to the book of Numbers with all the long lists of genealogies etc. I remembered my first thoughts about God as a child: that he was a God of our past and not our present.

Finding New Life in Messiah Through the Power of Passover PDF Print E-mail

If you have ever attended a Messianic Passover Seder, it is likely that you have found your faith in Messiah transformed in some life-changing way. Perhaps the presentation deepened your understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Perhaps it helped you more fully grasp the connection between the promises of the Hebrew Scriptures and their fulfillment in the New Testament. Or perhaps it was at a Messianic Passover celebration that you, like many others, gave your life to Messiah for the first time or rededicated your life to the Lord.

For some of our Russian staff members, Passover has been a time when they have not only encountered Messiah, but also found new meaning in their long-suppressed Jewish identity. Here are some of their stories.

Putting the Dictates of God Before Those of Man: The Life of Carl Lutz PDF Print E-mail

Little is known about Carl Lutz, a man who helped save the lives of thousands of Jews in Budapest during World War II. Lutz was born in Switzerland in 1895, but immigrated to the United States at the age of 18. He stayed in this nation for more than 20 years, studying at Central Wesleyan College (Warrenton, Miss.) and George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) and pursuing a career as a Swiss diplomat in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and St. Louis. He ultimately left the United States in order to become the vice-consul at the Swiss Consulate in Jaffa, Palestine (now Israel). While there, his diplomatic work allowed him to negotiate the release of German prisoners, an action that provided leverage in his later dealings with the Nazis while in Hungary.

After his assignment in Jaffa, Lutz took on the role of vice-consul with the Swiss consulate in Budapest, Hungary. Shortly after his arrival in 1942, Lutz began cooperating with the Jewish Agency for Palestine, issuing an estimated 10,000 letters of safe conduct to Jewish children whose parents were willing to send them to Palestine. Presumably, Lutz's desire to work with the Jewish agency stemmed from his time living and working in Palestine, as well as his deep faith in the God of the Bible.

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