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Simcha 2016

National Messianic Conference

Streams in the Negev

The Future Restoration of the Nation of Israel

25-27 November 2016

With special guest speakers/musicians Avner and Rachel Boskey from the Negev region in Israel. Avner and Rachel are dynamic servants of God who have been ministering in Israel, and many other nations, for over 30 years through evangelism, Bible teaching, pastoral work, and through writing and producing anointed messianic worship – truly bringing forth Streams in the Negev.

Come and be personally inspired and spiritually refreshed at Simcha 2016.

"Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert." - Isaiah 35:6 (NIV) 

Registration online is preferred, or fill out form on back. Book early to avoid disappointment. For more information call 03 9563 5544

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SIMCHA 2016 is a joyful, messianic gathering of believers from across Australia and New Zealand hosted by Celebrate Messiah Australia.
Simcha 2016 is convened by Lawrence & Louise Hirsch, founders of Celebrate Messiah Australia. Lawrence is the Executive Director of Celebrate Messiah and messianic Rabbi of Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Melbourne.



Guest Speakers

Avner Boskey


Avner and Rachel Boskey live in the Beersheva region of Israel and are dedicated to stirring up the creative arts, worship, intercession, evangelism and the prophetic gifts within a Jewish and Israeli matrix.

They oversee Final Frontier Ministries (with USA administrative offices in Nashville TN). Avner was born and raised in Montreal Canada and became a believer in Israel’s Messiah in the 1970s. He was part of the Messianic Jewish band the Liberated Wailing Wall, and later studied Jewish history and theology at Hebrew University, McGill University, and Dallas Theological Seminary.

From 1986 to 1993 Avner served as associate editor of MISHKAN: a theological journal on Jewish evangelism published in Jerusalem. In the 1990s the Boskeys worked with John Wimber, Bickle and James Goll.  In 1995-96 they pastored the Messianic Center, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Over the last two decades, Avner and Rachel have raised their family in the Negev.  They are blessed with four sons and a daughter-in- law. During these years they established weekly worship and prayer meetings for local believers and for thousands of visitors from many nations.  They have written and recorded much original Messianic worship music.  They oversee a loose-knit community of worshippers, intercessors and prophetic artists in the Negev.  They have hosted seminars on the prophetic gifts and prophecy in Scripture.  They have shared the good news of Israel’s Redeemer, and have helped to foster an increase in Messianic ministry in the Negev.

Avner and Rachel oversee a recording studio where they both record their own music and help young Messianic Israeli artists develop and record their own music.

Avner is the author of the book ‘Israel the Key to World Revival,’ A Perspective on Islam’ and ‘A Messianic Perspective on the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle’ . Avner and Rachel have released four CDs – ‘Old & New’ (1993), ‘Ancient Gates’ (2001), ‘LaKatzir—For the Harvest’ (2001) and ‘Four Winds’ (2011), all available at www.davidstent.org.




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